Seine Bücher: Long Distance Cruising


Verlag: David & Charles

Long Distance Cruising:

The first section of this comprehensive manual begins with a detailed survey of the long-distance boat itself - the hull, rig, engine and interior fittings - and pays particular attention to the latest electrical and electronic equipment. This is not a 'which boat' guide, but rather a survey of the choices to be made and a guide to the relative merits when cruising of the many different yacht and equipment designs, materials and features available. The author, round-the-world yachtsman Bobby Schenk, then moves on to explain the sailing techniques which are of particular importance when cruising, emphasising safety and boat handling skills such as those required in port manoeuvres and anchoring. Following sections cover wind and weather, terrestrial and celestial navigation (complete with test exercises), planning and preparation, and health on board. The work is enriched by the author's extensive experience, mixing enlightening anecdotes and beautiful photographs of the places he has visited with straightforward practical instruction. He is unafraid to reject tradition where there is a superior modern alternative - whether this is glass fibre, stainless steel or modern fabrics, or in the use of programmable calculators for navigation. The most important consideration throughout this book is that nothing should detract from the pleasures of cruising and that sailing should, above all, be fun. Long-distance Cruising is the ideal reference at sea and an inspiring but practical guide to help every sailor plan towards realising the ultimate dream of sailing the oceans.

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